The Way You Ought To Be

Every woman who has any online presence at all knows that men are, for the most part, really dumb about communicating. I get a lot of email that completely wastes my time, and I really don't know what to say to people sometimes. I wrote this for Myspace a while back, but it bears repeating.

I like to make friends or I wouldn't be here, but you need to realize a few things before you send me a message. I am not a Bitch From Hell, I am quite friendly, but I am really sick of getting emails that totally waste my time. You will not get a response (or you might get flamed), if you do not conduct yourself in a certain manner. Please read the following link, and then read my comments below. Not everything in the article applies to me (see below), but in general it is correct. Again, you will not get a favorable response if I think you don't understand the following things:


If it's not clear after reading that, please don't bother to send me a message. Here are additional comments, in no particular order, to keep in mind (most of these will not apply to women, who seem to already understand):

1. I already know you think I'm hot. I love compliments (what girl doesn't), but if you wish to compliment me, please be specific. Tell me which photos you like, what you like about them, and why it appeals to you. Also, complimenting something I had to say will go a long way. Girls don't want to get the impression that you are a shallow lunkhead who can't read and only looks at the pictures.

2. I also already know that you want to suck my dick or fuck me or something like that. I really don't want to hear it. It goes without saying and if you want to have any chance of fulfilling your fantasy, keep your balls reigned-in, and think with your big head, not your little one.

3. Don't send me a one-liner message with no subject line. Take the time to write something meaningful. I am an intelligent and educated woman, and I am looking for the same in a partner. You will not get very far if you can't write in complete sentences. Also, check your spelling and grammar. The only time I have ever responded to a man without a profile was because he wrote me a really good message!

4. Have your profile filled out. I will not respond to people with no pictures and nothing to say about themselves. I am interested in relationships fueled by conversation... show me that you can provide that.

5. I am a pre-op transsexual, which means I think of myself as a woman, I behave like a woman, expect to be treated like a woman, but I do still have my 'boy parts'. I do realize (unlike a lot of t-girls), that this makes me quite different from your average woman, and I am not afraid to admit that. I do realise and accept the fact that you might find this sexually interesting, but I won't find you sexually interesting if it seems like you are interested in my genitalia, rather than my brain. Do not ask me if my boy parts are 'functional'... that depends entirely on you and whether you entice me or not.

6. Unlike the girl who wrote the article above, I am not an asexual being who hates my penis. I happen to enjoy what I have, particularly with women. However (and this is very important), I am not on this earth to help you fulfill your fantasies of being with a "man". If you are a man who likes dick, YOU ARE GAY. Get over it, come out, and seek out men. I am not a dick in a pretty package. If you do manage to have a sexual encounter with me, you will walk away feeling just as gay as you would after a sexual encounter with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

7. Don't be sappy or overly sentimental. Poetry will get you no where. I find it to be unoriginal and condescending. I am an educated woman and I will know if you copy someone else's work. Say something original.

8. I am not a crossdresser - I do not have a women's clothing fetish. This is not a sexual thing, it is a way of life. Please don't ask me what I like to wear, what I'm wearing right now (probly jeans and a t-shirt), and so on. This will get you no where... it's not about the clothes. I am a transsexual, not a transvestite... if you are looking for someone to model 'sexy' clothing for you, go somewhere else, unless you are a legitimate fashion designer looking for models (and you better be able to prove it). I realise that my photos show me in some fetishy clothing, but that is not how I am in everyday life. I see lots of women on this site posting photos of themselves in sexy attire. They obviously don't go around on the street in a bikini and high-heels. I don't either.

That's just about it... treat me like a woman. If you understand the headline on my profile, you will realise that I do have a sense of humor about being transgendered. I know I'm different from most women, but I don't like it shoved in my face, and I don't want that difference to be the sole reason for your attraction to me. I am not a man, I don't think like a man, and as such, I'm not looking for sexual encounters, I want something more!

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

YOUR A MAN DAD, this is very embarrassing for a fourteen year old to go through when people talk of their dads or father and i just have to push to another subject you didnt have a problem being a man when you decided to make some babies now did you i feel like i need to look up to my friends dad because i really dont have one myself you shouldve thought about it when you decided to change who god made you.

Jasmine said...

I won't discuss it on here... you can call me. I'll talk to you tonight anyway. There is no reason why your friends have to know anything about this. It's a private thing, and none of their business. Also, don't you think this is much better than being dead or in jail or something like that? If your friends ask about me... lie. I'm actually caving in to the way God made me, instead of fighting against it anymore. You don't know what I've been through... but I'm happy to discuss it... not on here.

Geoff said...

i am not gonna lie to my friends and it doesnt matter anyway u r all over the internet and it creeps me out my mother brought me up to be a truthful person and that is what i am the solution to everything is not a lie u need to step up either as a man and face the facts it does hurt me and derek deeply i would rather not discuss this on the phone with u

Hugh Jerecshun said...

Hey, Jazzy, how big is your cock? Length and girth? I'm 9 inches and just over 5 inches around. :)

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