Why can't you get this right?

This is a letter I sent to McDonalds

Why can't you guys ever get things right? When I worked at McDonald's we had pride in our store. We had pride in our service. We held the drive-thru speed record for a couple years, and you know what... that was with 100% order accuracy. You have nothing to be proud of, and will not be setting any service records any time soon.

I visit your store at least twice a week and I'm getting some kind of error on almost every order. I make a simple grill order - "NO Ketchup"... how in the hell is this so hard for you to get right? I can not have corn syrup and your ketchup, even in small amounts, causes a major problem for me. This means that maybe 25% of the time I go to your store, I can't eat what I bought. I have called about this and I get put on the list for a free meal. THIS DOESN'T SATISFY ME. It is a brush-off, and I don't appreciate it. In fact, I haven't even redeemed my free meal yet. You need to re-train everyone including managers to be more attentive to details, make people LEARN ENGLISH so they can get these things right, and teach people to take some pride in their work. Even when they get my order right, the product is usually so poorly assembled that I have to take it apart and mash it back together again. CENTER is a verb in McSpeak, and you need to teach people what it means.

I continue to patronize your store because of the great value and convenience, and I will in the future in the hopes that you will fix this problem. I am disappointed. This is not the vibrant, proud company I worked for in the 90s - which is why you are no longer number 1 in the market. What has changed? The food is still the same, the value is still the same... but the service universally sucks.

Please do something about this,


Mike said...

I have experienced the same thing with McDonalds of late. Very frustrating! When I make any kind of specific request about my order, whether it is "no onions" for my friend who is allergic, or requesting salt and pepper, or asking for extra napkins, my request is almost never honored.

Jasmine said...

The owner did respond to me about this and said he appreciated my comment and agreed that a simple order like that should be easy to get right. Since then, things have gotten better, and there hasn't been many mistakes with my orders. Proof that standing up and saying something sometimes works.

bpeikes said...

Um, how about "Stop going to McDonald's"

Jasmine said...

Because of the convenience and value. I live a high-speed, low-cost life, and the problem is not exclusive to McD's... pretty much everyone has lousy service these days, from the grocery store to PetCo. I'm really getting tired of it... but I have no choice but to buy things somewhere - I mean I can't just stop shopping everywhere... I have goods that I need.

Richard said...

Ha, I've got it! Move to California and go to In-N-Out Burger. You'll never consider another hamburger place again. Food, service, price: the best.

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